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Naturally Greener Lawns started from a desire to bring an organic option to the lawn care industry. After years of working with the big names in the industry, we have had countless customers ask for a greener approach for their families and the environment. we decided to modernize lawn care and give them people, pet and environmentally friendly options. By using organic ingredients, other low impact products and our own proprietary blend of bio organic stimulants, we are able to offer a program that is by far people, pet and environmentally friendly and also more effective in giving you a greener and weed-free lawn.

Why Choose Organic Lawn Care

Our Goal

Naturally Greener Lawns started from a desire to bring an Organic option to the lawn care industry. By using organic and low impact products, along with our own proprietary blend of bio organic stimulants, we are able to offer an environmentally friendly approach to lawncare for you and your family.

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  • The Risks of Traditional Programs

    Chemical fertilizers have been refined to extract nutrients and bind them in specific ratios with other chemical fillers. The nutrients in chemical fertilizers are refined to their pure state and stripped of substances that control their availability and breakdown, which rarely occurs in nature. This is why they have potential to do damage to non-target organisms, such as bees, plants and even humans.

  • We Start With the Soil

    At each visit we feed the soil with those much needed naturally occurring micro-organisms which provides them with a natural food source to continue to grow and develop. A more natural healthy lawn has been shown to be more resistant to insect, disease and weed pressure.

  • Our Promise To You

    We strive to exceed you expectations. If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We will promptly remedy any issue. We treat your lawn like it is our own.

Looking For Organic Tick & Mosquito Control?

Take back your backyard with our organic sister company, Backyard Bug Busters. We offer natural solutions to suppress the pests in your yard.

Living in suburban northern New Jersey certainly has its pluses. The beautiful wooded areas, lakes and ponds combined with the close proximity to the mountains, the shore and the metropolitan NY area surely makes it unique and a wonderful place to live. But all this beauty and convenience also comes with a few challenges (besides the traffic)...bugs! And in Jersey, we have 'em. Specifically, we are referring to mosquitoes and ticks. And besides being pesky, these biting bugs come with disease!

Propriety Treatment, Guaranteed Results

Our proprietary spray controls both ticks and mosquitoes; there is no need to pay for double treatment options. Plus, our treatment options are environmentally friendly - we have children, dogs and cats too!

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NJ Organic Tick and Mosquito Control - Bakcyard Bug Busters

More Than Lawns: Our Add-On Landscape Services

We want you to have a lush lawn AND a beautiful landscape. Our add-on services can suppress weeds in your mulch beds, keep your trees and shrubs healthy and vibrant, and free your time to focus on things that matter to you!


Key Ingredients For a Beautiful Lawn

At Naturally Greener Lawns, we know your end goal is to have a lush, thick, green lawn. We know you don't have the time to dedicate to all these steps or are lacking the expertise in the latest organic lawn care methods and products. Our people, pet and environmentally friendly lawn care programs are based on years of experience, research, and numerous soil tests. We employ all the methods below in our lawn care programs.

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