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About Naturally Greener Lawns

Our Story

Naturally Greener Lawns started from a desire to bring an Organic option to the lawn care industry. By using organic and low impact products, along with our own proprietary blend of bio organic stimulants, we are able to offer an environmentally friendly approach to lawncare for you and your family.

We love nature and work hard to preserve it for generations to come. The outdoors have always been the a huge part of our family's life. Preserving nature for future generations is a topic that hits home for us. Doing our part is a task worthy of our efforts to create a people, pet and environmentally friendly way of lawn care. This is why we started a division that allows us to help our customers achieve their desired results, while still helping the local fauna and flora.

Our Goal

Naturally Greener Lawns will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your lawn and landscape are maintained with less harmful products. The result is a green lawn that is people, pet and environmentally friendly.

Our focus is Organic and Low Impact products that will give you the lush green lawn you desire without the harsh chemicals you don't want. By eliminating harsh insecticides, weed killer and fungicides wherever possible, we manage weeds, insects and disease by encouraging health root and grass growth. Using organic materials significantly increases the root system - the foundation of all lawns - resulting in a health, green lawn.

  • We Start With the Soil

    We take a pro-biotic approach to lawn care. Have you ever seen the Activia commercials on TV? It's a yogurt that contains the bacteria found in your stomach needed to digest food. The soil is your lawn’s stomach. In the majority of soils we have tested, show a lack of the appropriate levels of biology. Without this biology, your lawn can struggle and become dependent on synthetic products. This masks the problem, but does not eliminate it, thereby creating a never ending harsh chemical cycle for your lawn.

    At each visit we feed the soil with those much needed naturally occurring micro-organisms which provides them with a natural food source to continue to grow and develop. A more natural healthy lawn has been shown to be more resistant to insect, disease and weed pressure.

  • Our Promise To You

    We strive to exceed you expectations. If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We will promptly remedy any issue. We treat your lawn like it is our own.

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