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Organic Lawn Care, Because We Care

Naturally Greener Lawns started from a desire to bring an organic option to the lawn care industry. After years of working with the big names in the industry and having countless customers ask for a more green approach for the safety of their families, we decided to get with the times and give it to them. By using Organic, other low impact products and our own proprietary blend of bio organic stimulants, we are able to offer a program that is by far safer for your family and also more effective in giving you a greener and more weed free lawn.

Our program is organic-based, as is our company. We focus on using what is in the soil already and our knowledge of the area to ensure that we get the best results while staying as environmentally friendly as possible.

Add-On Services

We Don't Just Offer Lawn Care, But An Array of Organic Landscape Services

Patio/Bed Weed Removal - No one enjoys pulling weeds from beds and sidewalks. Homeowner grade sprays can damage the shrubs. So leave it to the professionals! We'll come out and take care of all the weeds in your beds and patios while taking the utmost care to ensure the safety of your existing shrubs.

Weed Control - Offered with our lawn care program and is guaranteed to keep weeds out of your lawn

Grub Control - Offered with our lawn care program and is guaranteed to keep grubs out of your lawn

Aeration and Overseeding - Performed in the late summer/fall. We will come out and aerate the lawn as well as put a premium blend seed down designed specifically for our area.

Tree and Shrub Care Programs - Healthy plants and trees also resist disease and insects more naturally. Our tree and shrub care also applies specially chosen nutrients to enhance the appearance and growth of your plants.

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